They are coming.

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The Chinese cars are coming to Detroit.
Byd, Changfeng, Geely , Zhongxing/ZX Auto.Chamco (no joke), and Li Shi Guang Ming Auto design co will all be at the next Auto Show .
No Chery or Roewe.

It’s time to learn how to pronounce these new brands… I guess…

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  1. this would be the begining of the end of the world as we know it!!!!!!!!!!!
    the reds will never be alowed in detroit period
    this will not be theis information is completly wrong!! they cannot make cars and the blond women on the pictures are not chiniese i can tell you that much i bet they are political prisoners from some other country maybe even the us

  2. I guess having a bunch of pretty girls around these “cars” is the only way to possibly get people to buy them. We all know that people won’t buy them for their safety, performance and looks.


  3. Douchebag Jones said…

    the reds will never be alowed in detroit period

    That decision is not up to you. It will be made by corporations and the politicians whom they own.

  4. You may only have to pronounce ” Chrysler” with a Chinese accent if our Govt doesn’t put rules to prevent sale to a Chinese auto maker. Would put them 50 years ahead in world market. I know they can afford to buy Chrysler.
    Don’t say there was no warning!


  5. US treasury instead of giving the chinese money for their imports, gives treasury bonds. What is worse is that this money generated from chinese exports stays in US and recirculated by feds for new loans (think sub prime).. So, you have american consumers who are borrowing borrowed money while the chinese are sitting on trillions of IOUs from US treasury in the form of treasury bonds. So, the long and short of it is that chinese can destabilize already miserable dollar which is in free fall.. by dumping their bonds at once. So yeah.. chinese govt does own US politicians. BTW, same goes for Saudi Arabia, Japan or any other country that has trading surplus with US. Goes to prove that if you spend more than you earn, then be prepared to give up something. Luckily for US, China and Japan peg their currencies to USD leaving them with hefty losses everytime George Bush does something stupid which leaves USD in a free fall… It may be clever it may seem now to think that devaluing currency will reduce the IOUs but in the long term it has its own ramifications. Soon, you may find chinese cars at walmart who knows…

  6. when they finally come here, THEN are they gonna have legal trouble for blatantly stealing designs?

  7. Oh yea vicne, cun yo pleaze posts no mor picz of carz and just babes, an we will get a babez blogg instaed of a car blogg, thiss wille make bueatiful modesto calufornia veryk happe !!

  8. Here’s how a Canadian sees things through reality, and not US Patriotic views:
    The upcoming Chinese invasion in the car wars will have the same affect as in the past with Japan and Korea. The Detroit three just don’t get it! They are producing vehicles that are the most profitable to them and NOT what people want! And because the unions are so powerful, the labour and pensions and benefits cost so much, the the cost of producing small cars is not cost efficient. If you travel to other countries around the world, or just surf the web, you will see that everyone except the USA, drives small, 4 cyl, diesel, hatchbacks.

    Look at Ford. What kind of useless cars are they selling in the USA and Canada? The 2008 Focus doesn’t even come as a hatchback! What import buyer is even going to consider it?

    US Automakers…get with the programme or you won’t have long to worry about things!

  9. Most of them were there last year too… in the basement by the aftermarket and custom stuff… nowhere near the main show floor. Which is exactly where they will be again this year since all of the floorspace on the main show floor is already spoken for. I sat in some last year and I can say that even 1980s Chrysler products weren’t as poorly made. Total and utter junk.

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