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Just illustrations so far.
And let’s hope the next Golf/Rabbit looks a bit better than this, please.

Are these enough to make you consider a VW for your next car?

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  1. Yes, I would consider VW – as long as they are assembled in Germany, not in Mexico.
    I repeat: assembled in Germany.

  2. I kind of like the 2nd car…depends on price, too.
    VW’s are not very well built these days, are they(Mexico versions only, or German, too?).

  3. I owned a rabbit once, the brake pedal fell off. It was kinda funny, fortunately I wasn’t going very fast.

  4. If they prove to reliable over 5 years, I might consider one. There is so much bad press/comments about VW’s reliability that I have decided to back off getting a VW. I’ll wait to see how they fare a few years from now.

  5. Just the Beetle and Jetta are imported from Mexico
    and widely distributed throughout out the world.

    Passats, GTI/Golfs and Jetta Wagons are from Germany, while the EOS is made in Portugal.

    VW Toureg is made in Slovakia

    The upcoming Tiguan will be German made while
    the Scirocco will be Portuguese made from what I hear.

  6. whay would anyone spend money on a brand that was created bu the furer himself is beiong me!!!!!! you would have to be insane to even consider spending american dollars on a vw these monsters were able to fool american hippis in the 60s and they are doing it again they are jsut waiting to take over we neeed another strong pres after the great one we have now to make sure this never happens again and buing their crapy cars wont help

  7. I liked that other spy photo of the passat coupe better than this one…

    A Jetta Sportwagon TDI with 6spd DSG would be perfect for me….but it probably wouldn’t happen….

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