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or a 5 door C30.
This looks real but I’m ot sure it is.

Seems like a good idea anyway. To compete with the A3, but cheaper.

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  1. It looks really nice. I went to check out the C30 and was concerned about the lack of cargo space due to the slope of the back window. This takes care of that.

  2. What a waste of time and money. The V50 is pretty much the same size and dimensions of the Mazda3/potentian C30 5-door. They should work on lower the prices of the V50 instead.

    Smells like Ford has appointed their cannibalizing team into volvo.

  3. It doesn’t seem real for me. And it’s a bit ugly and weird – but wait, having a 5-door hatchback from Volvo isn’t a bad idea at all…

  4. This would be cool. Finally some competition for the GTI.

    I heard somewhere that Volvo was going to cancel the S40 or S60. Not sure which one. Have you heard anything about that?


  5. The C30/V50/S40 are all the derivative of one another and slot in between the Audi A3 and A4. If you like the idea of the C30 wagon, buy the V50. To have another Volvo 5 door car based off this platform would be confusing to the consumer. I’ve also heard that Volvo is thinking about killing the S40/V50. Strategically, this sounds like a bad idea. Five years ago when the S40 was based off of a Mitsubishi, it accounted for hardly any sales. But now, the S40 is a fantastic car that now makes up half of Volvo’s sales. And these sales are mostly conquests from other brands.

  6. Autoblog said that the 4 door version is called C50.
    I guess they will kill the s60 and s 40 when Volvo gives birth to this model or perhaps a just for Europe special.

  7. I guess this and the Mazda 3 are the closest things that we are ever going to get to the REAL Focus ZX5…for now.

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