VW Park assist?

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I got this from a reader.

I didn’t know VW was offering this in Europe. And in such a “mundane” car too.
I am amased this is even an option on an affordable car.
Here you have to get the big Lexus LS for that.
But I know it has been an option on the Prius for years in Japan.

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  1. I’m more interested in the car parked in front. It looks sorta Audi-ish and the badge does look like the four rings. Its too small to be a Q7 and too big to be an A3. All the cars in the commercial should be VW products anyways, so I can only assume that its a Q5…doubt it though. Anyone have any guesses better than mine? Great feature for such a banal car by the way.

  2. I saw this at the Frankfurt Motorshow last month. It’s been developed by Valeo, and I thought it was something that was offered only by Valeo as an add-on, I didn’t know VW offered it directly as an option. I haven’t seen it in any other models of their line-up, which is weird. I suppose Phaeton or Passat buyers would be interested!
    About the car in front in the video, it looks to me like either an A3 Sportback (the longer, 5 door version of the A3) or an A4 Avant.

  3. it is DDEFINITELY a A3 sportback .. i see them daily .. the car in the back is a VW polo
    this park- assist costs only 675 euro in the new Tiguan, with a rear-end-camere 1040 .. thats not sooo much, i’m curious how much it would cost in the US

  4. The vehicles that need park assist are the big SUV’s, minivans, and definitely pickup trucks!!! People who buy these things I have one thing to say, “If you can’t park’m, don’t buy’m!”

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