VW Space Up! concept

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Was this the “revival of the Microbus” concept we were waiting for?

I hope not. It’s fine. But it is just a 5 door version of the Up Concept from a few weeks ago.
It looks really modern, but if it takes them 2 or 3 years to get that thing into production, it’ll just look OK by then….

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  1. Its not quite as nice as the concept sketch but I do think its more practical than the up! I’d buy one if it were out within a year but as you said, a few years from now this will be pretty bland.

  2. Anonymous said…

    How do you open the rear doors?

    I saw a picture on another website that showed clamshell “suicide” doors like on the Honda Element.

  3. Burlapp, I am not sure if this is the Bulli or Micro bus,
    but If it is maybe you should just wait for the Tiguan
    and put an old ’66 to the chassis. :)-

  4. love it, love it, super times 5, now build it, very german , very square, it will eat up those very low quality scions

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