2 door Ranger Rover Sport

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This is supposed to be coming out next spring from LSE Design UK.
They will be making only 100 units priced at around $200 000 (!!!) each.
For that amount of cash, they’ll even throw in over 500hp.

Not for me.

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  1. The RR Sport was supposed to be called the Stormer
    and come with 2 doors. RR needs a new 2 door anyway…

  2. i can’t imagine anybody driving this thing, this car just scream “I’M RETARDED” more than anything else ever created since the dawn of mankind

  3. Why do car companies waste money to develop sh@t like this? That money could be better spent improving the mpg of the entire line of RR. Do they live in a bubble?

  4. Its not land rover that makes it, but “LSE Design UK” that ruin it. You can’t blame Land Rover for this, although I think that the RRS should have been a three door model from the start. Its cannibalizing sales from the real deal, because everyone buys the RRS for a lot less money than the Range Rover with the same good looks.

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