2008 Ford Focus test drive coming up….

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I am now driving the new Focus.
So if you have any questions about it, go ahead…

1st take: I was ready to hate it. But I don’t….

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  1. I actually was interested in finding out about the Focus.
    It was the subject of a lot of comments on this site.
    but also coming up are the Malibu V6, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Honda Accord LX, Camry LE , VW R32 and Lexus RX.

    I just have to write all that stuff…

  2. Long story short: we want to dump our 04 GLS V6 Sonata, and looked at Fusion(sorry, looks good, but…..could be better, especially the I-4).
    We saw a 2008 SES(coupe and sedan)… and test drove the sedan…what a shock!
    We drove the 07 in March, and it was not very good,to us.
    Anyhow…the spouse and I decided to give the “new(er)” Focus a try, and it was fun!
    Tolerable(vs “insufferable” 07)interior, fun to drive with the “European” tuned suspension(on SES only, and rear stability bar added), and decent brakes, and looks like tolerable MPG. EPA for automatic is 33, where as Elantra is 35(and it Felt slower, although the 0-60 times are close)and new Suzuki SX4 sport sedan is 31MPG hwy.
    So, middle of the class, it appears.
    Not bad. A fun little 4 door.
    The coupe, to us , appeared as if they said”Let’s make a coupe from the 4 door, just take off 2 doors” and looks like it(not like out tC 3 door).
    So, no to that.
    Should have moved the B Pillar(correct?) back some, and longer doors, for a more “Coupe” feel/look(and sort of hard to get in and out of the back, too).
    Still, better than what it replaces, and not the most costly, and adds more than , say, the SX4 sport(sedan… not fold down rear seats, no arm rest/center console…no SYNC,reminded me of something from 1991-94 time frame, except for the extra airbags and ABS , on SX4 Sport..similar pricing, as Ford Focus, with the feel of say, a Aveo at 10-12K, the Suzuki).

    So, yeah, it’s better than some, sounds reliable(carry over, suspension tweaked, engine tweaked, etc), looks ok, fun to drive, and priced on par (after bargaining, etc) an Elantra, Suzuki, etc..but more fun(to us) to drive.
    Corolla? Not even the upcoming 09….I won’t wait for that…..
    it’s sooo sedated looking.
    35MPG(is what they are claiming) for the 09, too?
    I’ll pass.

    Hoping to find out how much I lose on the Sonata, in trade-in Today!
    Spouse is so happy with the deal, she wanted us to trade in the tC, too(it’s a good car, but is heavier, I think, than the Focus)….. maybe get a “Fleet Rental” deal, lol 😉 ( I might ask today!).
    Here’s hoping for enough on trade in to buy this thing.
    Our first Ford.
    My Brother In Law has had a 99 Taurus(got it used, with 53K miles on it, about 03)…for ages now, and 139K miles. Replaced the fan balde around 99K, and heater coil(iirc) for not too much $$$$, around 107K. That’s it.
    Still runs good, looks good, etc.
    I’ll see in 1 year(if we get it) how it holds up to 30-35K of driving.
    Vince, good report.
    Happy Thanksgiving to Vince, and everyone else posting this week/weekend.
    take care/not offense.

    PS: I was NOT interested in this car…until the test drive, on the hwy(65 MPH), through town (25-35MPH) etc…. for 10 miles. Nice. Good brakes, too, even w/o abs(to us, anyway).

  3. dunno if I posted this once…

    Vince Burlapp said…
    No .
    But there are things I like about the car.
    I think it deserves a test drive.

    November 20, 2007 11:03 PM
    That last line, You Got That Right!

    I have driven many new “compacts”, and this was the most fun, to be honest, and I never considered a Ford before.

    That’s saying something.
    I’d rather have a car ,with a slightly(I like it in the SES, to a degree)”no so good” interior, but fun to drive like none(or few) others in this price range….
    sort of diminishes any negatives, to be honest.

    Look forward to your other comments, see how close we agree( I am the guy hoping to have one in our driveway by Sat, or Monday next week, at the latest, if all goes well with the 04 Sonata trade in $$$$, etc..).

    Have a good one.

  4. I still find it funny how they used the design of the original headlights, but integrated the new American Chrome ford face….but I don’t like those bars in the headlights.

  5. Since I only buy “ad specials,” it would be nice to hear whether the “base” model without the SES suspension upgrades still handles well….

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