2008 Malibu in Memphis

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And that is me doing the driving.

Sorry about the super crappy YouTube picture, but that’s not from me.
I shot the whole thing in HD and it does look great before going through the “YouTube compression chamber of horror”.

I hope this gives a better idea of the car for those who haven’t seen it.

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  1. It seems fit and finish are really very good. At least good enough for me since I’ve always driven Hondas, Toyotas, and Nissans.

    The four-banger engine probably won’t hold a candle to the big three Japanese cars, but don’t most people who’d buy a Chevy want a six anyway?

    I wish huge success for GM with this car.

  2. I agree with 6:52pm.
    plastics seem a little thin but a major improvement
    from previous GM cars. The best GM cars
    so far are the CTS and G8, but of course the price is much more above the norm.
    What software did you use to film this Vince?

  3. this is pretty muc t the end of th camry and honda chevy will have the best famully car in america period

    drinks are on me a t puzzle tonight we w are celebrating the depart of these other cars from america

  4. Thanks, Vince! Good video and the musical background works well with it, too.

    I’m old enough to remember when the 1955 Chevy was introduced in late 1954–looked like a little Cadillac in the days when Caddy was King of the Road.

    GM (with the help of the UAW) went to hell over the past 3 decades, and it’s a shame. Could it be that the new Malibu is a worthy competitor to the Camry and Accord?

    My Accord is a great car, but if I were car shopping today, I’d give that handsome Malibu a close look.

  5. Vince!
    Love the video, great shots! And the music fits perfectly! Malibu looks much better more “real” in a video than a static picture. Almost wondering if GM is going to use your video in a commercial! Or gives them ideas, that whole “heartbeat of america” that they had before. Thanks for the video!

  6. Really looks to be an awesome car! I hope import intenders will give it a shot! Kinda funny how I haven’t heard any auto rags hate on the accord for it’s 5 spd tranny, soon the Malibu will have a 6 speed with the 4 cyl! Can’t wait to see your report on the V-6 Vince!

  7. Vince, did I see a shot of Oxford, Mississippi in there, what a great place. One of the most beautiful small towns in the South, hope you got a chance to chow down on some the great food there, lots of good places to eat. I use to go there when we played Ole Miss in football, home of the most beautiful women in the universe.

    The Malibu is without a doubt the best thing from Chevy in years and years and finally beats Camry and Honda like a rented mule. Way to go GM, glad to see you back.

    Great Video Vince, love the music, I’m really a country boy at heart.

  8. Nice car. I like the profile view the best on this car. The wood trim looks really good, however I still don’t like the light silver on the center stack. It’s good you can get it darker. I like the little bowtie in the headlight element. Good song too.

    John M.

  9. Strong contender in a competetive class. But i have to say i would buy this over the new Camry or Accord and i’ve always own Japanese cars.

  10. Drove this at the Tampa Auto Show yesterday (6-cyl) and came away impressed. Beautiful car, nice ride and handling. The pictures just don’t do the car justice. It looks great and the interior has a great feel (nothing about it is “thin” or chintzy). In fact the cars I was disappointed in the most were the Toyotas. The cost-cutting is really starting to show. At least when I was there, there were more people looking at the Fords across the aisle than at the Toyotas. If you haven’t given any domestics a look in past years they really do deserve your consideration.

  11. I saw the car and rode it as GM was offering test drives at the Miami Auto Show. I think the car is impressive and the quality is there. There are some things that GM could’ve done to make this car a true stand out.

    For example a wider trunk would’ve been nice, rear arm rest for sure and trimmed glove box. For many consumers it’s the little details that get noticed more so than many others.

    Despite those short comings, I feel this car is one of the best family sedan they have produced recently and there is no doubt they will see strong sales but I wonder if this is enough to trim the growing flock of Camry/Accord/Altima car buyers?

    I guess time will tell.


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