2008 Mustang Bullitt

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It sure feels great to see a dark green Mustang in the streets of San Francisco.

But they do it every time. The Bullitt limited edition always seems to be coming out right before a redesign.
The Mustang is due for some pretty major changes next year.

So for $31,075 you get 315 hp, and the green car Steve Mc Queen could be driving if he was around.
(He would be 77!)

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  1. This is a car that Ford is so close on getting just right. Ford does’nt need to waste money on a complete redesign. Ford can keep it looking the same for a few more years but they MUST put an independent rear suspension in it. They MUST improve the center stack in the interior. They MUST put a 6 speed manual/auto in it. All other things can be minor changes or option packages.

    John M.

  2. One more thing. Although I do like this car, I had to laugh at the fact that Ford put camoflauge on this Bullit Mustang. I mean…come on…we ALL knew what it was gonna look like before the images were released.

    John M.

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