2009 F 150

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Is that all new?
I can’t really tell if this is just a facelift or an all new design.

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  1. if you want to apply your ‘conservative’ opinion to anything, it should be to the F150.
    however, i wonder if this is based on the cash woes that Ford is experiencing – and not safe styling for the most market share

    to me, that zoomed pic does carry a lot of Honda Ridgeline styling cues – especially around the headlight area

  2. Did anyone notice the crease on the hood? I think it’s a good evolution of the current F150 and will provide a better evolutionary design upon which to base the next ‘all new’.

  3. ridgeline?um they would not be that stupid to make something that ugly. I would guess it will be all new, as this is pretty much one of their few cash cows.

  4. Oh lord. Here we go… Do you think Ford would want to take the best selling truck and make it look like a Honda Ridgeline?

  5. Ford Flex? Hmm, ok, I can see some of that…

    BTW, it IS a refresh. However there will be new engines and transmissions available. There will be a new Diesel and 6speed auto. There are also rumors of more power on the 4.6 and 5.4 liter engines as well as a 5.7liter engine.

  6. Burlapp, I think it would be a good idea if you
    gave merit to which was your favorite car from each category. It should be called HEAY (Hollywood Extra
    Award of the Year).

  7. Still easily the best looking pick up truck, and that interior, well I do think it is better looking than most cars out there. Question, when does a refresh make it way to all new?

  8. I’m not used to these Ford Truck refreshes….I remember the last couple generations of F-150 kept the same exact styling cues for 5+ years….

    I think this thing looks like the child of a Ridgeline and last gen Tundra……

    I think the current truck has a clean look to it….and could have enhanced just a little bit of that instead of going for an all new look.

  9. Since when does ANY auto maker release an ALL NEW pick up in 4 years!?
    This comprehensive update is one the earliest going around…
    Why do so many bash Ford for no good reason??
    So many whingers in this world!

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