2009 Forester teaser.

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I guess this makes it official, kind of.

From this, I really don’t expect much…

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  1. I heard it might replace the Tribbeca and De Niro
    might be angry.
    I hope the lighting reveals more than this simple

  2. Going by the time at the top, Subaru are going to ruin everyone’s Christmas, because going by the picture at the bottom, Subaru have no freakin clue how to design a car anymore. Not that they ever did, but just when you thought things couldn’t get worse …..

  3. The Forester should have been tribeca sized in the first place….all it was before was just a shortened Legacy Outback Wagon…

    The rear end says “xB Meets Pilot!”

  4. Looks more or less like a mild makeover rather than a complete redesign! No mistaking this for a crossover platform! Still a 2 box design with very few changes to its basic shape. Hopefully it will now have a more modern 5 speed automatic across the board with a slight increase in torque and horsepower. A V6 option would be nice but really not needed in such a small size SUV. Let’s hope Mexico can build them as good as Japan did in the past!

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