2009 Hyundai Sonata

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These are early pictures, but I don’t think the Sonata needed more chrome in the front.
It looked just fine.

What it really needed was a new interior, and this one looks great.

This is pretty much the size of a Camry, but really, the selling prices are closer to the Corolla.
I woulkdn’t think twice about getting this over the new Corolla…

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  1. As you said, they didn’t need to touch the front – I’m not keen on the narrow grill now. However, the interior is very very nice.

  2. The Sonata’s new interior is a huge improvement and far better looking than the Accord’s interior.

  3. hundais are nt good car everyvboduy knows that one they can try to look like a buick all they want it s still not as good a s a buick period these are just copies of real cars i had a friend who had one of these about 15 yeas ago and it was crap the focus is a much better car for the mony plus it is beer night at puzzles in downtown modesto this friday

  4. Everybody knows Puzzles in downtown Modesto is crap.

    I’m curious to see what was done to the Sonata’s rear.

  5. A very nice update to the interior – IMO, it is better than anything else in it’s class. However, that grill is NOT very nice looking. It reminds me of the smaller, older small Hyundais (they were junky looking). The Sonata must not be ugly looking.

  6. I really wish they’d get a dealer back in the San Fernando Valley. I hate driving out to Valencia for service.

    This is exciting though… Am I crazy for wanting to trade in my 2006 Sonata for one of these?

  7. I like the new dashboard, but now the steering wheel needs updating. Maybe a 3 spoke wheel…if they also keep the front end as is. There’s no reason to change the front clip.

  8. Hyundaia re great cars. They are the next Toyota. I do like this better than the “new” Corolla I think I will own a Hyundai in the future
    Buicks and all domestics suck ass A buick lol Is it 1957 or 2007 ?

  9. I’m not thrilled with the new grille.. the Sonata always had a nicer, more modern-looking front end than the more expensive Azera.. now they look almost identical!

    On the other hand, with the overly styled, IMO ridiculous front end styling on the new Camry, Accord, and Corolla, perhaps going conservative will work in Hyundai’s favor and conquest some of those sales. Edgy may not be the best idea when trying to retain existing customers and steadily gain market share.

  10. The new front end is more expressive than the current car’s, and the larger headlights look better. Interior is greatly improved and ore upscale looking. All of this just adds to the Sonata’s solid value.

  11. Sonatas are decent. have a GLS V6 2004…nearly 50K miles.
    Only issue I had was a window regulator(s) in the back, last Summer, around 33K miles.
    They replaced the gaskets and the regualtors.Nothing major(yet) needing done.
    New tires and brakes soon, though.
    The 09 looks better all around. I miss the expressive front ends( like the 99-01, and 02-05 models)….and even though this is not quite “as expressive”, as my 04, it’s much nicer than the current version(Inside and Out).
    Corolla gets 35MPG, the 08(09?) they said?
    The I-4 Sonata gets 30(some say up to 33) MPG now, and the new one is supposed ot get larger engine, more MPG, for 09(V6 and I-4, both newer engines, I heard).
    So, say 32-33MPG hwy, vs 35 for Corolla, a much nicer, larger car in Sonata…. yeah, the Sonata easily wins.
    Maybe even over the (base version of) the Camry!
    What’s not to like?
    All models have Auto-Manual shifters(if you order automatics), too…. the others… all models? I don’t think so.
    That’s a plus from Hyundai.
    Now, if they ever bring us a rumored USA clean diesel version(2010, I heard)…. that’d be even better!

  12. The front doesn’t look nearly as horrible as I imagined! It looks really nice!

    The thing about the chrome….take a look at the last Gen sonata….they added chrome for that refresh too….I think it’s just a hyundai thing now…

    They take away the chrome for the redesign…and add it for the refresh.

  13. I don’t drive as much as I used to, so I could afford to drive this, and not worry so much about MPG/gas prices…and maybe by late 09, right before this current model’s 5 year run ends… I’ll be looking for sales on the V6 with leather/sunroof, etc…they usually knock off 3-5K!
    Sharp, Elegant, maybe even slightly sporty(?) w/o being an “old person’s” car.

  14. Anonymous said…
    outside it looks like a boring car from 10 years ago. and VERY korean.

    you really like this?

    November 2, 2007 1:29 PM
    What Korean(10 year old) car do you refer to? This does NOT look like one, and I have owned Hyundai’s since July of 1999, a Real Owner here, and the 99 Sonata looked more like an Olds of some sort(to a degree, to some).
    The 04 I have has the “jag” lights./hood bumps up front…

    thsi looks nothing like those, or the 1998( 2 generations back) Sonata.
    Or like the Elantra, or anything else.
    If you can prove me wrong, please feel free to do so by providing a link to some 10 year old Hyundai’s that looks like this(or Kia’s, for that matter, or GM’s LeMans, from Daewoo, or the Aspire, by Kia, before Hyundai purchased them in 98, outbidding Ford).

    Have a great rest of the week, sir/m’aam.

    take care/not offense.

    PS: I guess round-nosed, Bulbous…Manatee-looking grilles are cool now? Like the Camry, Malibu, or “weird” boxy looking front ends, such as with the new Accord?
    This looks good, clean, and uncluttered, and not weird, or has looks that in 5 years from now, will be considered “what were they thinking”.

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