2009 Lincoln MKS

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I think this looks pretty amazing.
A real contender in the segment, with an original design. That new front end looks great, and makes the production model even better that last year’s concept.

Here is what Ford is saying so far:
” Lincoln MKS brings to the premium segment a new balance of quietness and comfort with engaging steering and handling. The luxury sedan offers available all-wheel drive and a new Lincoln exclusive, fuel-efficient 3.7-liter V-6 at launch.”

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  1. It seems pretty good from first look. The pictures aren’t as revealing as it would be in real person.

    As long as it doesn’t come off like its concept, (having all the elements of luxury sport sedan, but with none of the personality), than it should do alright.

    Lincoln does seem like its deteriorating as a brand though. Even the concepts a few years back were better than some of the more generic brand designs to come out of ford lately.

  2. Looks like a Daewoo Nubira(Suzuki something) from the back. Otherwise, nice continuation of Lincoln’s style.

  3. It is OK, good looking, but, most cars are goodlooking in this segment. They certainly did not try any wow factor here, in fact the design elements are pretty run of the mill now. They can only hope the MPG will attract people to it, gas prices will be in the range of 3 to 5 dollars now according to most experts.

  4. The front end of the MKS is striking, but the rest of the car seems just a bit generic. Still, it’s good to see Lincoln finally getting some stylish cars. The interior looks like a very nice place to be, a neat straight forward design that’s so much better than the overstyled, button-laden interiors of too many Japanese luxury cars.

  5. The concept car from last year was striking! Ford can’t seem to get really cool product to market?

  6. Ford is learning. It is nothing “new and striking”, but it will satisfy enough people to make it popular. I don’t think that the V-6 will be an issue now. The gas prices will silence any discontent.
    I vote “thumbs up” on styling.

  7. I think this car looks awesome. I love everything about the exterior except for that Lincoln badge on the side. The interior seems nice but there are a few things that I dont like in there. The flat black center stack looks a little cheap looking, the guages seem like a carry-over from the Fusion/Milan and there’s no contrast in the door panels where the window/lock switches are (a common problem with MANY car manufacturers). I like the fact it will have all wheel drive and will be turbocharged in the future. However I don’t think it’ll need turbocharging. Instead I think Lincoln should put direct injection and a variable exhaust valve system on the engine. I would think it would be lower cost and lower future maintenance. I have a feeling it may be a bit too expensive being that it is derived from the Taurus. Starting at $38K, MAN, I hope you can get it fully loaded for at most $40K. I do think it looks great though. The front looks better than the concept and the back like a Masseratti Quatroporte. Great job Lincoln. It’s about time.

    John M.

  8. I want to love it, but I just don’t, at least from the pics. Sure, the front-end is striking but the rest not so much. I WILL admit this…I saw pics of the ’08 Caddy CTS and was unimpressed, then I visited the dealer, saw one in person and was blown away. Same with the new Malibu. Photos don’t do it justice. So I’ll reserve my real judgements until this Lincoln shows up on the street.

  9. I think this is an excellent design. I’m sure that people will say it looks like all sorts of other cars, a Leganza, a Suzuki. Those cars clumsily copied the Italians. This is much more coherent design. But not designed-by-committee looking like a Lexus or amateurish like the Koreans and Bangled BMWs. The quality to detail appears to be amazing.

    My only possible criticism based on these pics is the C-pillar. It looks gargantuan. Hopefully it’s just the angle.

    I want to know what is powering this thing. The engine choice and performance will make or break it in this segment.

    I think it might have been wise for Lincoln to price the MKS like they have. A luxury car isn’t a segment where you want to compete primarily on price. Lincoln should price it competitively, option it well and don’t be so reactive to the competition. Being so price reactive to the competition turns the car into nothing more than a non-aspirational commodity for the lowest bidder. No one wants those kinds of customers. If people just want a car based on features, this entire segment is difficult to rationalize.

    I’m looking forward to seeing this car on the road.

  10. Has the profile of the Saturn Aura. There are so many sedans now, that don’t look all that different. Smack us with something really new, like when the Zephyr hit the showrooms back seventy years ago. Looks really ordinary to me.

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