2009 Matrix lighter side

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Now with a lighter grey interior.

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  1. in my oppignion i love it it looks alot more race car looking than the current one i enjoy the lines clean sleek and bold at the same time true its got a bigger booty out back but i like it and this is what the team that corola has should have done

  2. Check in the archives, I had the new Vibe’s official pic here last month.
    We should be seeing it at the L.A show in a couple of weeks.
    I’ll post plenty of pics and movies.

  3. The entire car is laughable, but the C (D?) pillar is ridiculous. Toyota’s designers have gotten as bad as Detroit’s.

    Welcome to America.

  4. Should be a huge hit since Americans have such poor taste. (see: Paris Hilton, NASCAR, SUVs, Harleys, GM, Ford, Wal-Mart, etc.)

  5. The styling may not be the best, but with the 1.8L you get 30+ MPG in a small sporty wagon. This vehicle makes infinitely more sense as daily transport than ANY crossover out there. Americans with sense will buy one of these instead of a crossover, and I don’t see that as poor taste. If we had the yummy hatch options europe had here, then it would be poor taste.

  6. 12 toyotas in the family in the past 8 years, that’s right, we are loyal toyota people….until now. The last 2, a camry and a tundra are an abomination. Never before have we experienced what we have with these 2 toyotas, it’s so bad and regular that we are for the first time considering a different japanese brand. the other nameplates still have good ratings. i can’t believe I wrote this, but it’s true!

  7. don’t forget, toyota partnered up w/ subaru, this does look like a 1980’s subaru with some modern touches….maybe subaru does some of their styling?

  8. Wow I never thought I would say this but the Subaru Impreza actually has a much better interior than this. This is on par with the Ford Focus, in other words it’s crap.

  9. I was eager to see the new matrix. What a dissappointment. To much conservatism, in this exploding market might turn against Toyota in the long run.

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