2009 Nissan Murano

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I think they did a great job redesigning the Murano.
I was afraid they’d ruin it.

It doesn’t really look as perfect and pure as the current model, but sequels never do.
A little melting here and there. But they managed to keep the same great shape with nice and original updates.

And finally we have a great double sunroof from Nissan US. (They’ve been offering this in Europe for a while)

Thanks for this to a tip from a reader.

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  1. “I think they did a great job redesigning the Murano.”

    This is a redesign? Nissan nips here, tucks there, and calls it a redesign? It’s got the same dated shape of the current Murano, including it’s done-to-death upturned beltline. Nothing overly creative here. This is more of a refresh, so why even bother?

  2. i’m seeing a little bit of the European Civic for the front. That’s not a bad thing though. I had to get a car from this segment, ‘would probably be a Murano.

  3. It looks great, i bet it will look alot better when we have more pictures available. Lately Nissan has been paying alot of attention to their interiors. They are of better quailty laately and keep getting better.

  4. I like it. But I agree, there was more that could have been done. I don’t think it/current model looks dated though.

    I can’t wait to see the real deal. Bet it looks even better in person!

  5. The new 2009 Nissan Murano? Where? You mean this? It looks like a Chinese copy of the current Nissan Murano.

  6. Is that really the new Murano and not a chop? If so it looks pretty bad IMO, worse than the current Murano.

    And no rear-wiper? You’ve got to be kidding me.

  7. I’m not sure I understand the point of referring to this as a “redesign”. That seems a bit of a stretch.

    This car is so similar to the current model that it begs, no, yells the question, why bother?


  8. Looks really nice. I’ll be interested to see the front end. It looks more original than the front ends of Nissans as of late.

  9. this is an evolutionary design on the brink of revolutionary IMO. if this is what the production vehicle will look like, i’m pretty darn excited as the looks of my murano have become tired because of the fact that so many things have been copied by other car manufacturers.

    douchebag, that has to be the least and nicest thing you’ve said about an import vehicle!!

  10. Overall a nice update of the current design. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t just also update the current tail light design, rather than replace them with those boring, elongated maxima tail lights as shown in the pictures. Not only are the ‘new’ tail lights less interesting than the old, but they are even less modern than the old ones. Nissan running out of ideas for tail lights? Try sticking with ones that are already appealing!

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