2009 Nissan Murano L.A Auto Show

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I must say the new Murano looks very impressive in person.
Not as original as the 1st one. But much more upscale. which might not actually be for everyone.
Inside, it now feels and looks like a full on luxury car.
It is still modern but the focus is now on luxury.

The front is pretty busy, but it still looks more modern than 90% of what’s on the road today.

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  1. This is the best redesing that I’ve seen in a while! Yes, the Murano still is unique amongst a sea of crossovers! I wish that this design could have been used for the Rogue!

  2. This is a diamond, no I mean if you were given the artistic task of representing a diamond in automotive form, this would be it. really and truely a nicer vehicle in and out thamn the lexus rx or the acura md

  3. Sat in the Murano and not impressed. Nissan could have done better with the “redesign” (they still calling it that?). While it’s nicer (especially the interior) than the previous Murano, that’s not saying much given the cheapness of the previous Murano’s interior. GMs 3 crossovers blow the new Murano clean out of the water.

  4. When you get a loser comparing GM, the kings of “JUNK” to nissan in any way, you know that it’s a comment not worth publishing

  5. Anon 8:35,
    Actually, it’s not 1998 anymore and GM builds extremely competitive SUVs. All of the reviews have indicated this. Nissan OTOH, has produced a lot of junk recently, their SUVs ranking very low in reliability with conspicuously chintzy interiors. You clearly feel strongly, but the facts are the facts.

    As for this vehicle, the interior looks like a HUGE improvement over the first Murano. The original Murano had a great exterior design, but it doesn’t appear the new one is very distinctive… with the exception of a grille that looks like it has down syndrome. The rear resembles a Kia. Based on the pics, I give the interior an A- and the exterior a C+

  6. GM quality is better than Nissan! Anyway, when the auto makers started talking that better interiors were coming, they were on to something. Now all the cars look pretty much alike, but they are nice to be in.

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