2009 Nissan Teena

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The Teena is a version of our Maxima. With its own design,

It has been rumored that the new Intima concept (Bottom) could be a preview of the next Teena.
I also heard the next Teena a and the next US Maxima might share the same design.

So this might turn out to be our next Maxima.

We’ll see…

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  1. The current one is way to Altima or the Altima is way to Maxima like. I hope like last generation Maximas
    that the forthcoming one is imported from Japan or people will think that it is still an Altima.

  2. Where oh where did Nissan lose its way with the Maxima. What happened to the 4door sports sedan? It’s turned into a bloated overweight piece of turd.

  3. Don’t be fooled by concepts!
    That is rule #1 of being a car buff. Most production versions are watered down by the time they reach your local dealer….

  4. The Altima is now the “4 door sports sedan” and the Maxima is a near-luxury sedan. The shape reminds me of the Altima, though. Tails look a bit different.

    The Maxima needs a total makeover for sure. The Altima is so close in features and size. The Maxima would do well to be differentiated from the Altima some more, but they run the risk of taking sales away from the Infiniti G35 sedan. It’s a tricky, precarious position.

  5. I have to agree with 9:45. The current Maxima looks overweight. Its a nice looking car but it just seems to be too bulky

  6. Nissan’s big mistake was to increase the Altima to Maxima size. Yes, Altima’s ultimately became a big time seller, but at the same time it cannibalized Maxima sales. Last year should have been the last for the current Altima but they went ahead and made it look nice and brought along a sporty coupe version.
    Not only will this effect G37 sales, but whatever car that replaces the Maxima will have to be sub-Infinit
    and above the new Altima as far as price and style.
    If I had it my way, I would have killed off the entire Altima line and just imported the new Maxima.
    I would have brought out the X-Trail and also killed
    the Xterra and the line up would finally not conflict
    with other and be freshened up.

  7. Beautiful. If they kept it the same as this concept, it would be 150% better looking than the current Maxima.

  8. Teana, not Teena. Its been around for one generation as a slightly larger Maxima alternative. In some markets (like ours) it gets the Maxima name.

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