2009 Pontiac Vibe

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Once again, a Matrix clone.
There isn’t much the designers were alowed to make it better than the new Matrix…

So it looks like a squared off version of the Toyota. Not really better.
It has an old look to it.
I do like the steering wheel. I wonder if this will end up in future Pontiacs…

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  1. Funny, I think it looks loads better than the Toyota, which looks absolutely disjointed to me. I think that Pontiac did well with this and the window line really reminds me of the G6, and the front fascia of the G8

  2. CAFE is the reason why this car still exists. Something has the balance the gas millage of a G8 with the 6.2L V8;) That and the fact that college aged women buy these (well the Toyota versions anyway) in droves.

  3. While I think it looks better than the Toyota, that’s not a compliment. Neither are impressive. Pontiac should have done better. C-

  4. The Matrix looks redesign while the Pontiac hardly does. I see mostly of what is was before. Toyota is better.

  5. The steering wheel hub looks like a uterus, and the spokes fallopian tubes and ovaries.

    I want to perform a C-section on it.

  6. Considering most of the civilized world drives on paved roads, this soft-roader doesn’t have to perform on sandy or muddy drives. The Vibe/Matrix has never pretended to be anything more than the station wagon it is.

  7. I wouldn’t really call this a clone but a relative to the Matrix. The Matrix is one of the vehicles under a joint venture between GM and Toyota. The 1st gen Vibe is a re-skin of the 1st gen Matrix. The 1st gen Vibe was then rebadged as the Toyota Voltz in Japan and was sold there for a while. The Voltz was more identical to the Vibe than the Corolla Matrix. The 2nd gen Vibe and Matrix, however, look more in common than the 1st gen.

    I do kind of like the look of the new Vibe more though….

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