2009 Sonata

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Just a couple more pictures.

The interior looks great.
But how could they have gotten the exterior so wrong.

This now looks like a wannabe luxury car from 10 years ago. Gone is the clean, crisp, almost German look.

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  1. just to let everyone know here that the Exterior will NOT make it to the North America Line-up only the interior will.

  2. Maybe the front refresh will help to increase sales. I really like the Sonata and would consider buying one. I don’t see very many on the road though which I find strange as its a great car for the money.

  3. Well, to each their own, Mr Burlapp. Me? I like this bit better. Why? As the better half said of current model, when we saw one on the road recently” Is that the new Honda”? This is not going to be mistaken for that vehicle.
    I like it better than the manatee-snouted Malibu/Camry types, too.

    Still, the 02-05 looks Infinity-like( 3 years ago, On Thanksgiving day… at a Clark station, I had a guy pull up on the other side of the pump, and, long story short, asked me how I liked my “Infinity”! Now? They look like a Lesser Car. Not cool. This is a slight improvement, though, for me).
    I’ll take this over any other mid-sized sedan(Note: see the Automatic/Manual shifter…dual tranny? Calling all others-Besides Kia- do you have this in your cars, at base model prices? No? Until then…. sorry).

  4. PS: I noticed something: Why is Hyundai “cheaping-out” on the cup holders?
    My 04 has a cover to it….it HIDES the cupholders, when not in use, looks slightly more upscale, too. This looks Compact-car like cupholders(uncovered). How much $$$ do they save(make) not covering the cupholders?
    A few dollars?
    That’s irritating. Didn’t see that before.

  5. i actually like the grill. i am big on chrome grilles. i think they add something and it is very possible hyundai is a daring brand unlike the others that isnt willing to take the chance. i like they are distancing themselves from the other brands and doing something original. the grill is very korean and the kdm look isnt a bad one. i think they will be very respected for trying something different. it will make it stick out more in the very vanilla segment it lies in.

  6. I prefer the headlight and grille size of the current Sonata. The interior is abominable, so the interior update is very much necessary. However, the updated headlights make the exterior look a bit too doe-eyed and wimpy.

  7. This looks fine for a MMC. The thing I don’t get about Hyundia is why they don’t offer Navigation Systems in America market. I mean their interiors look fine, but why not offer what the competition offers.

  8. i also like the new look, but it does make the front seem a little bit to big for the rest of the car, especially the sides. I’m really impressed with the interior and will consider purchasing this car over the camry in the near future. the only deal breaker for the current sonata is the interior, the rest is very nice.

  9. I’ve heard or read somewhere that Sonata sales are really poor. That old interior couldn’t have helped matters. It was one of the worst. The new one? Very nice. The new frond end? Not bad.

  10. Im beginning to think you are right about the front-end style Vince…On the bright side, the engine will run cooler with that grill.

    The interior is now competitive.

  11. Oops… ‘also forgot to comment on the rims. I prefer the current 5 spoke rims. Do we have confirmation that the rear is unchanged?

  12. I just hope Hyundai does’nt put a similar “Azera/Sonata” style grill on the new Genesis.

    John M.

  13. I like the interior from what I’ve seen so far. The hi resolution pics should be released in the next couple of weeks.

    I see a more conservative upscale look to the exterior. Warming up to it. Maybe, just maybe, Hyundai has re-freshed the Sonata enough so that it will find more garages to call home in the U.S.


  14. I had an ’05 Sonata and yes, the console cupholder had a cover which was hinged for the convenience of right-side drive model drivers and a bit awkward for the left-side driver. I always had coffee or water so the cover stayed open…and in the way frankly, so no cover makes more sense imho.
    The video clip posted here of the non-US commercial showed the briefest shot of the tail at the very end and I saw no change from the current model.
    BTW I traded my Sonata and got a Tucson. Could have gotten a loaded ’07 Sonata Limited Platium edition for a little less -and it was a beautiful temptation but I needed the utility and 4wd. LOVE my Tucson. LOVE Hyundai and it’s a kick to see them grow and gain market notoriety and respect.

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