2009 Sonata interior

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In a lighter color.
Not sure if the navigation or the wood steering wheel will make it to the US yet.

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  1. Yeah, when is Hyundai gonna give us proper Navi?

    Same as Xenon headlights, they think they will scare away customers just from adding them as an option. Baseless as to this day I still see a few people driving brand new Audis and BMWs with piss yellow halogen and no navi. Those people can resist the financial nightmare option list of german cars, so no reason a Hyundai buyer would falter.

    Nice to finally see the new interior clearly, looking good. The steering wheel needs to be replaced, but eh.. the one major hit against the Sonata has been taken care of nicely none the less.

  2. This new interior re-dux of the Hyundai Sonata should give this vehicle more attention and possibly boost traffic to offset the sagging sales.

    I’m not that crazy about the front end, it seems a bit too conservative but I will need to see more pics to make a final verdict.

    So far the interior scores an A+ in the needed improvement department.


  3. They copy honda and toyota on the outside and now they copy Cadillac on the inside!

    If you’re going to copy a luxury car how about Lexus!

  4. Very very nice. It’s too bad that now I don’t like the front end. Always something. Anyway, it’s not that the front is hideous or anything, it’s just kinda dowdy looking.

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