2009 Toyota Matrix video

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Now you judge the new Matrix.
Not that great, but it still looks better on the video than the pictures.
Maybe even better in real life???

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  1. Not impressed by this new Matrix, but I’m not turned off either. It’s better looking than the new Vibe!

  2. sadly, the matrix is better equipped than the xB — especially cuz it comes with a 5spd automatic instead of the scion’s 4spd

    but yeah, the matrix looks much better in person. saw it at SEMA, and it looks much better than the Mazda3. if you put the two next to each other in person, the Mazda looks instantly dated

  3. When i first saw the pics i was disapointed. But in the video it does not look half bad. The design direction is clearly a Toyota take on the Mazda design. I think i will have to check this thing out in the LA auto show for a final impression. What a difference a little make up makes.

  4. I saw it at SEMA.. it doesn’t look any better in person. IMO, the Vibe got the better styling again this generation.

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