2010 VW New Beetle

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I am glad to hear VW hasn’t given up on the New Beetle.
That there will be another one. (Unlike the PT Cruiser)
But I hope it looks better than these illustrations.

The new Beetle still looks great. This just looks like a bulldog version of the current car.
I like the idea of the soft top roof on the coupe.

There are also rumors of more versions coming with the redesign, including a 4 door.

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  1. I like it, but I wish VW gave a better warranty along with Xeon lights and optional AWD on all their models.
    This way they can reestablish their reputation as the German Subaru.

  2. Who said there won’t be a new PT Cruiser? I know they just euthanized the convertible, but not the entire model line…

  3. I’m digging this design Illustration. I always thought the VW should have had more variations of the new Beetle to keep it fresh.

    I didn’t know VW had the reputation as the german Subaru. Maybe if more people saw VW as the german Subaru they would be willing to pay more for it.

    As to the PT cruiser being on the chopping block. I thought I read somewhere that it was going to be replaced by a new model that may not even look anything like the model it replaces if not cancelled all together.

  4. I think it would be cool if the next Beetle was built on the Up! platform. It would return the Beetle to its rear-engined roots.

  5. in germany the new beetle is referred to as a “flop”…

    i drive a new beetle turbo (2002) and i’m very happy with it…

    but marketing in gemrany (EU) has been very poor, and the models are a little diffferent in europe and in the smaller models, as low as 1.6l gasoline (only 75HP), atract a very different, not very hip crowd…

    in the US marketing has been much better, and also sales (might there be a relation between the 2,??? LOL)

    mini on the other hand has more or less the same marketing for europe and north america, just compare minis website for each region, there not much of a difference… VWs website is very good for north america, mediocre @ best in germany and the rest of the EU, incl. UK…. VW still thinks they sell cars on their reputation alone and that good marketing is only needed in the US where sales have been sluggish for their cars…

    i love the mini marketing, but i’m a tall guy, 6.2, and i love the spacew in the new beetle, compared to the mini i feel like i’m in a spacious car, the mini makes me feel like i’m sitting in a 60’s fiat cinquecento compared to the new beetle…

    i hope the new beetle makes it into the next deacade and hopefully a DSG diesel and gasoline hybrid makes it into the new beetle ASAP. kids love he new beetle, and those are the most important “customers”… if the green factor is put right again i think the new beetle has potential to sell much more units than it does right now, in the EU and the US!

  6. smokeonit I agree with you about the room in the new Beetle, being 6’2″ myself, but I couldn’t disagree more about VW’s US website; it’s the worst website I’ve ever seen!

    It looks like it’s going to be another year (hopefully no longer) before we can buy VW’s with a full range of the new diesels.

  7. I wouldn’t expect to see changes this substantial unless VW plans to update the platform to the one under the new Jetta and Rabbit/Golf.. which itself is expected to be updated again in 2010-2011. If they do anything major to the Newer(?) Beetle, it likely would be 2012 at the earliest.

  8. my sister has had the new beetle. well it was “New” in 98. haha. She has had a lot of issues with it.

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