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The big Hyundai could turn out to be quite a nice car.
This could make it pretty hard for the Lincoln MKS in the US.
Both cars don’t have a good image as far as brand names go, and they might appeal to a similar segment of the market.

Knowing the Genesis might start at $7000 less than the MKS, which would you choose????

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  1. Wow! That’s a good question. When all other things are close or equal, the deciding factor becomes price. Good luck Lincoln.

    John M.

  2. Does the Azera sell well? No. And its cheaper than this.

    What makes you think this is going to sell more than the Lincoln? Because its rear wheel drive and has a V8? Its still a Hyundai and its going to take a long time until people will feel comfortable plunking down a lot of money for a Hyundai.

  3. Based on the fact that we haven’t seen the Genesis unrestricted in both exterior and interior the jury is still out on this car.

    I like what I see so far but it’s still not enough to convince me that this is better than the MKS.


  4. No question at all for me. The Lincoln. Especially when the Twinforce engine is available.

    I’m not really moved at all by the design of the Hyundai and it likely isn’t going to have the same level of gadgetry that the Lincoln will have with Sync. They demoed it for me at the Auto Show this weekend and I’m convinced that whatever car I buy next must have it or a similar system, and its likely that Hyundai won’t.

  5. The problem is that Lincoln *has* to compete on price. If the MKS goes head-to-head totally ignoring price against a BMW 5-series or Infiniti M, the MKS is going to get slaughtered. Once you enter the price arena there’s the Genesis and, comparing V6-to-V6 based on estimated prices, the Genesis with the same power will undercut the MKS by around $8K. Sync may be nice but it ain’t worth $8,000. A V8 Genesis with a 100HP advantage over an MKS will also likely undercut a base MKS by a few grand.

    The Genesis may not be perfect but I’d definitely take a 380HP V8 + RWD + $3-5K in my pocket over a base MKS.

  6. Let’s see how a similarly priced MKS and Genesis compare. It could be the Lincoln comes with more standard features which would drive up the price of the Genesis if similarly equipped. Plus there’s the whole driving part. And all the environazi green zombies insisting that V8s are bad for Mother Earth, polar bears and little children doesn’t bode well for the V8 Genesis.

  7. Regarding the Hyundai Genesis, if I wanted a car that looks like a BMW 5-Series, I’d pony up the extra few bucks and buy a BMW 5-Series, not what amounts to some cheap Korean knockoff.

  8. In terms of price, quality, warranty and reliability it is no question. I would pick the Genesis over the Ford MKS.

  9. “In terms of price, quality, warranty and reliability it is no question. I would pick the Genesis over the Ford MKS.”

    Until your friends and family found out what you did and carted you away to the local psychiatrict hospital.

  10. How about we wait for REAL pricing and REAL vehicle launches!?
    The amount of crap that is speculated on auto web sites amazes me…without any form of actual testing!

  11. I’ve owned a Hyundai and no matter how cheap they are or how nice they look, I’ll probably never consider another one. They’re really crappy no matter what JDP says. Sixteen years ago, while all my friends parents drove minivans, Tauri and camrys, my parents had a 91 Lincoln Mk7 which I liked a lot. There hasn’t been a Lincoln that’s impressed me since. Until now this. I would consider this.

  12. I want this one i do not care if it has a V8 for 35,000 this will be my next car, i currently own a Sonata.

  13. I’m sure this car will replace the Azera…..eventually.

    It’s funny to see how Hyundai has made it’s family…first came Excel….which is yesterday’s equivalent to our Accent……then came Sonata….then came the middle child Elantra…..then the XG/Azera…now the “Genesis”.

    Somehow the Elantra and Sonata are able to hold their own as the middle children….but the Azera….it won’t survive.

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