Another new Forester photo

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And it’s not very impressive.
But I guess that’s not what the Forester is about anyway…

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  1. nice i bet the XT version will be quick and hopefully they will make the STI go global! i hope they sell lots as this is a nice looking car!
    who as cares about the D pillar? its not like its gonna be a 7-seater so no-one has to see out of it! idiots!

  2. Looks like a second genration Honda CR-V with a hood scoop,RAV-4 rear quarter windows and without the outside full spare on the tailgate. Groundbreaking!!!

  3. You know what, this will sail right under the cops’ radar. I drive an ’05 Legacy 2.5i Ltd in dark grey – I’ve gone 85 on the Mass Pike and I’ve seen State Troopers fly past me and nab the red Chevy Cobalt four cars in front of me, probably going slower. I’ve never, ever seen a Forester pulled over. Subaru’s on to something…everyone I know who drives a Forester XT is either an academic of some sort, a writer, or a dog trainer…and a racecar driver on the interstate. This car ‘s going to be SEMA’d out the wazoo when the time comes – and it’s on the short list for my next car.

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