Audi A3 Convertible

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Coming out on December 7th.

That would be very soon and we’ll see official pictures before that I’m sure.

But I hear it will not be coming to the US…

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  1. I still don’t get it. It comes late (the current A3 is about to reach its fifth year in the market and therefore the replacement can’t be too far off) and it competes with cars like the VW Eos, the Opel/Vauxhall/Saturn Astra Twin Top, the Ford Focus CC and the Renault Mégane CC, which all have retractable hardtops, and will all be predictably cheaper. It makes no sense to me. Then again, the BMW 1 series convertible also has a soft top. I don’t understand the rich!! (or should I say, the posh wannabes)

  2. If I were in the market for an Eos, I’d take this ANY day. Yes, Audi A3’s have not done too well here mainly because they are overpriced Golfs, but a very classy Golf Cabriolet (the Eos has no class) would move, especially with the “upscale” factor of an Audi. Sometimes I really don’t get what these product planners are thinking.

  3. I wonder if this means that the Replacements for the A4 or A5 Conv. will be go Hard.

    I think this makes sense for Audi & BMW with the 1 series. Making these model softtops allow them to keep their prices “low”.

    I think a RS A3 could be very interesting.

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