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“Pricing for Lincoln MKS starts at less than $38,000, a strategic move aimed at attracting new customers to the brand. Many will be first-time luxury buyers, with a significant number expected to migrate from imports. In fact, up to 60 percent of those buying the luxury sedan are expected to be new to Lincoln.”

That doesn’t seem that cheap..
-The new CTS starts at $32 990
-The Infiniti G35 starts at $ 32 315
-The Acura TL starts at $ 34 440

Unless it is larger and goes against the M35 ($42 165), the Lexus GS (44 915), the Cadillac STS ($43 245).
Or its distant cousin, the Volvo S80 at $39 450.

At this price, it better be a great car. But not matter how good it is, the resale value of a Lincoln won’t even come close to what you’ll get for your used Lexus.
And at close (Or over with option) to $40 000, image is a serious reason for a purchase.
Right or wrong.

I think they should have priced this car much closer to the CTS. They could have claimed a larger, roomier car for the money.
But most cars in that price range are leased anyway. That’s where they still have a chance to offer something special.
Then resale is no problem.

All is left is that dreadful image. And telling your friends you bought a Lincoln. When you’re not even 70 yet…

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  1. Looks nice, until you learn that all-new Mercedes-Benz E, Audi A6, and Acura TL/ CL/ RL will be there one or two years later too. Now, as Infiniti, Lexus, and BMW’s 6-cyclinder models packed with 300+ hp, it won’t win on performance front either. Furthermore, I doubt it will be any better than S-Type or S80. Another “LS” mistakes that spell “doom” for lincoln.

  2. All those cars will get up to 38K quickly depending upon option. those prices for the CTS and Nissan don’t include leather, auto or anything for that matter. Acura on the other hand you pretty much get it all except navi for 35K.

  3. It will be a mistake to price it that high. Who in the hell is running Ford? They are still my favorite American car manuf. but they are going to go away if they continue on this path.

    Awful news.


  4. It depends on the level of standard equipment that comes with the MKS. If the $38,000 price is for a fairly loaded model with few options, than it’s a good deal. The CTS, G35 and TL can very quickly approach $40,000 once you start adding options. I’ll bet very very few people buy “base” luxury cars.

  5. $38000 is a lot for a base price for this car considering it is LARGELY based on the current Taurus. I do hope it is loaded with standard equipment for that price. Hopefully you can get it completely loaded for $40000. I do think the car looks freakin’ awesome though. In fact I think it’s probably one of the best looking cars around. I can’t believe Lincoln came up with this. But Lincoln should’nt get cocky. It’s about freakin’ time they came out with something that looks at least half way decent. Lincoln should’nt assume that this will be enough to last them for the next 20 years either. They will need to constantly improve and come out with new things. This is a good first step Lincoln. Keep it up.

    I wonder how much it’ll be when they slap the turbo system on it? I would think direct injection and a variable exhaust valve system would be cheaper and more reliable.

    John M.

  6. Hmmmm … $38K for something that looks like a fat Daewoo Nubira from the back. I don’t think so. Their problem is that it’s not bad – for a Lincoln. That’s not good enough in that market. That doesn’t even consider how screwed the pricing is. A loaded MKZ stickers for $37K; the MKS starts at about the same price. Considering that:
    1) Last year the CTS/Acura TL were target for the MKZ
    2) This year the CTS/Acura TL are the target for the MKS
    Lincoln how has *two* products in the same market that are relatively close in price and that fall short of the standards of the market. So let’s start a pool – how soon after introduction are the big incentives going start on this and/or the MKZ?

  7. Nice-looking luxury car that makes it easier for Ford to sell Jaguar.
    Offers an alternative sedan that strengthens an existing, domestic brand.
    Ford doesn’t need both Jaguar and Lincoln brands.

  8. Given the MKS’s size and place in the Lincoln lineup, it’s likely competitors would not be the Cadillac CTS, Infiniti G35 and Acura TL, but the STS V6, M35 and RL, as well as the Lexus G350. That would put it’s $38,000 base price several thousand less than the aforementioned quartet, all of whom start at over $43,000.

  9. the MKS is a MIDSIZE luxury car for lincoln……at 38k it undercuts all the aforementioned mid size STS, M35, RL………the MkZ starts at 30k to undercut the bmw 3, g35, is350 etc. it positioned perfectly and will sell just as well as the MKz. its good looking and affordable. it’ll do well. now only if ford/lincoln could put their lineup on a decent redesign schedule to keep models fresh versus running a model into the ground they might be able to turn things around.

  10. If I’ve got the money to blow on an M35, BMW 5, or RL, I sure as hell am not going to settle for a Lincoln-badged Taurus just to save a few bucks. Heck, the Volvo this is based on gets blown away by the target trio, so how well do you think the MKS with it’s Ford Taurus DNA is going to stand up?

    In short, the MKS will do just as well against the M35, 5-series and RL as the MKZ does against the CTS, G35, and TL.

  11. CTS? try the DTS/STS combo model… when GM gets around to it – – the MKS is BIG! M35/45? nono, the not-on-sale Q is what you need to be thinking – – the MKS is BIG! 5’er? compare the size with the stretched 7-L..for a LOT less $$,$$$ – – the MKS is BIG! RL? please – – the MKS is BIG! oh, did I mention – –

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