Burlapp TV!

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That’s right.

Watching YouTube is more entertaining than watching regular TV.
And now you can enjoy all my videos on one page.

Just click on the title and enjoy the unique experience that is “Burlapp TV”.

You have probably seen most of these anyway because I’ve been posting them here too. So don’t complain about “reruns”.
And some of them are my friends videos. Not shot by me.
But there is everything from cars, babes, cartoons, road trips and the great Johnny Dark!

“Burlapp TV” is what TV should be.

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  1. And how about your Chubby nerd budy, Kelsey Mayes?

    Only a roaster can love that mug shot of you on TV…

    Happy Thanksgiving Vince!!

  2. I was wondering about that a while ago…
    Video podcasts..
    But they would pretty much be the stuff I have on YouTube.

  3. Ofcourse it’ll be the same thing as what you have on youtube, but for us it’ll be much easier to just load up itunes, download the podcast, load them onto our ipods and so much more.

    It’s a win win.

  4. I really want to do a podcast in iTune. But some of the soundtrack I use on the movies aren’t copyright free. So I guess I’d have to change that…
    Any instructions on video podcasts???

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