Cadillac CTS wagon

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Or “Sports Wagon” as they call them now.
I am not sure if this is the official design or an illustration…

The CTS wagon will start production in 2009, and will be offered in Europe with the new Diesel engine.
We’ll have to see if the diesel ever makes it to the US.

With a coupe and a wagon the CTS line up will pretty much match the German competition.
And there are still rumors of a convertible version of the coupe.

Great news.

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  1. If this is what Caddy is offering for the wagon, I am sold. I really like it. Please offer up the diesel in the U.S. and really make me happy.

  2. this photo has been proven on a couple sites as a photoshop, so dont wet your pants just yet till we see one next year at detroit.

  3. This seems like a fairly good design Illustration. I think this will definitely be a good looking contender in this segment.

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