Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

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Doesn’t seem like big news. But GM claims a 50% gain in city fuel economy.(!!!)
That means 18mpg in the city for this 332hp beast.
This is quite an amazing feast.

18mpg in the city is pretty much what you get with a regular V6 mid sized sedan. I was getting barely 16 in the city with a Maxima for a week test drive last year. And that was without ever pushing the car at all.
I was driving a Lexus RX and got a bit less that 18 .
I guess I could go on and on…

I am not crazy about the Escalade, but I see this as a major improvement.

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  1. This is typical 1/2 ass effort on GM’s part just to say that they are selling Hybrids. What a sad joke.

  2. Thanks to their marketing machine, they will look “green” and draw folks into the dealership. This is a great band aid to give them some perceived credibility until they come out with some real eco-friendly cars (Volt).

  3. This would be awesome if GM decided to go hybrid with big vans too. There are tens of thousands of those cargo/passenger Express vans around every city that get only 8-13mpg. This move of GM would trump Toyota as a leader in commercial vehicle hybrids. Go for it!

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