Car of the Year!

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In Europe, of course…

Here are the results of the contest:

-Fiat 500 : 385 points
-Mazda2 : 325 points
-Ford Mondeo : 202 points
-Kia Cee’d : 166 points
-Nissan Qashqai : 147 points
-Mercedes C-Klasse : 128 points
-Peugeot 308 : 97 points

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  1. Congratulations Fiat! The 500 indeed is a cute little and well proportioned car. And winning the “Car of the Year” award is a milestone for them, though they won that award three years ago with the Panda.

    I am surprised about the score of the Mazda 2. Over 100 points more than the Mondeo, itseld a well praised car. To me, that is the true surprise of this competition

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