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I kind of liked the weird design of the concept they showed a couple of years ago. Sure it was weird and cartoony, but at least it wasn’t a copy of anything else.
And it’s cool to see the production model will actually turn out as weird as the concept.
But wait… Look at the built quality of the prototype in the second picture.

I don’t think I ‘ve ever seen something that bad on a moving car. prototype or not.
I wonder if an army os squirrels could have put this thing together better.

I guess they still have a lot of testing to do…

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  1. This car makes me think about those old Dodge/Plymouth Neon commercials with the ‘Hi’ tagline. Very Cute.

    Probably a rolling death trap though. At least you go out in style!

  2. Those are mighty small wheels, perhaps 10″ like the early Minis. Looks like they might have the price down to about $4,000.

  3. What a disgusting little car. Even if it weren’t all bent outta shape, this is just bad. Is it one of these $5000 cars?

  4. Note to the Chinese – headlights should point FORWARD, not up. Unless you’re looking for UFOs.

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