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Amazing how many pictures of this car are floating around. Ahead of the official release.

It seems very nice and elegant. Nothing original, but nothing wrong really.
I wonder if US buyers will spend $29 000 to $35 000 for a Hyundai when the $26 000 Azera is already such an unusual sight on our roads…

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  1. Wow!

    I was always the person to scoff when some one remarked that car a had the same lines and looked like car b. but seriously, is this real????

    The front of this Hyundai looks like a Mercedes (especially the grill), while the rear looks like Lexus raped a BMW!

    I do like what Hyundai is trying to accomplish as a company, to give accommodations similar to a more expensive car for less money but this is just wrong!

    I do not want this car to show up in the USA looking like this.

  2. “I wonder if US buyers will spend $29 000 to $35 000 for a Hyundai when the $26 000 Azera is already such an unusual sight on our roads…”

    Unusual in what sense? There’s 2 in the parking lot where I work. Maybe it has to do with the closeness of a dearership. Kind of like Subaru. There’s certain sections of the country where they are extremely rare.

  3. That is a good question Vince. When the concept came out, we heard all sorts of hype as to how Hyundai is about to compete with…. Lexus and Mercedes. I am not so sure a $35k sedan is about to lure those buyers away. A buyer of a luxury brand has been programmed by marketing messages for years. Huyndai will have to build a different brand if ithey want to compete with the big boys for the dollars of the “status seekers.”

  4. There are so many Azeras and EVEN MORE Veracruzes where I live…so I don’t know what you’re talking about being rare. I see just as many Azeras and Veracruzes as I do Sonatas! Combining the two, probably even more.

    Even though the Veracruz just came out, in Oregon I see tons and tons of them. That being said, there are lots of Japanese and Korean people here.

  5. Different front to the pic further down. Very generic. Don’t know why they bother. The large car market will be getting it in the neck sooner rather than later anyway.

  6. At $30k and above, I don’t know why anyone would buy a Hyundai when there are so many other options available. I realize they have done well in some quality surveys and they’re a lot better than they used to be. But they aren’t good enough yet to be asking this kind of money.

  7. …while the rear looks like Lexus raped a BMW!

    It was consensual.

    This car is rather bland and generic, but perhaps there is a market to steal from Buick.

  8. This car has lost something since the concept. It is more generic. However, this car, I would think, will be very good and should prove to be an awesome value. I’m looking forward to the new G8 myself though.

    John M.

  9. There’s definitely market for Hyundai to steal. Down the road from me there’s a Buick-Hyundai dealership. They’re almost always wiped out of Azeras and Veracruzes because people coming in to look at the Buick LaCrosse/Lucerne and Enclave turn to the Hyundais because of both the price and warranty.

    As for the $26K Azeras, an Azera GLS can be had for less than $21K if you look hard enough, and it’s a VERY nice car for that price.

  10. Here is another example! Korean rip off German & Japanese! so did the Chinese rip off Japanese! its the same thing that Japanese did years ago rip off Germans! its an industry trend!

  11. Plenty of senior citizens where I live (eastern PA, north of Philly) will love that there’s a car that looks like an S-Class in the rearview mirror. Social climbers will still buy that stripped-down C-Class Benz or BMW 3-series, but this is for a different kind of clientele. If they really want to attract a wider customer base, they should make this and the Azera straight-up hybrids. It will never happen, but I’m just saying. Then they’ll sell like hotcakes and create a whole new image for the “Korean wannabe near-near-luxury sedan”.

  12. The Azera doesn’t sell because the design is terrible…Genesis is a different story…its design is way better than the current Toyota and Honda

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