Ford Kuga

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The production model.
Of course, this is not for us.

Unless maybe the VW Tiguan turns out to be such a hit over here. Then Ford could maybe find a way to import this over to the US.. (What am I thinking…)

I liked the Tiguan at the L.A Show, but I must say this looks much better.

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  1. This should have been the new Escape and Tribute!!!

    Ford Europe knows what they’re doing and they should be runing all the U.S. operations…

  2. That is a VERY nice design. Too bad we’ll never see it. I’m sure ford thinks they can get 2 or 3 more light refreshes out of the escape. What a shame.

  3. Nice focus based AWD, good job Ford.
    How mant times do people need to be told that Ford WILL be consolidating it’s future product laucnhes around the world?
    Yes Ford have been off track hence why Alan Mullaly was chosen as CEO.
    These issues don’t get fixed overnight.
    Look for 2010 and beyond to se Ford act as truley global company.
    Now stop the whinging we won’t get thses vehicles in the mean time!

  4. Hopefully GM wouldn’t have killed them by 2010…

    The Escape NEEDS to die though. I would take an Explorer Sport over that.

  5. I like the overall look of this vehicle except for the wide open mouthed lower air damn. I wish that part could’ve been lowered a bit.

    However,as much as I like it, this vehicle seems so familiar to other brands,take the Muranoish looking side and CRV-ish looking hood. This would sell well in the U.S. Though.

    This design, though derivative, maybe just what Ford needs to take back well needed market share. Here’s to hoping that they will spend more time on their faltering interiors, like not forgetting to include rear head restraints on their U.S. made vehicles!


  6. Patience people…the next generation of Ford cars (made in Europe) will be possibly to reach US customers cause they will also be assembled there. It is indeed a shame that cars such as the Kuga, S-Max and Mondeo can’t be sold in NA for financial reasons but hope fully the new breed will be

  7. Don’t be so sure that it won’t end up here… I participated in a market research study (here in the southeast US) and this vehicle was shown (I didn’t know what it was at the time), compared with a Honda Civic, A Mazda 3 and a Toyota. They showed both this pictured 5 door hatchback as well as a 4 door sedan of this body style.

    The interior is also very similar (at least the gauge cluster is by my recollection).

    That vehicle got me excited seeing it in person. It looked really good – so much so, I didn’t think it was a Ford product!

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