Ford Verve Concept

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Seems that this is a 4 door version of the Verve concept, shown in China.
It might still be pretty close to our US Fiesta.

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  1. Wow…Looks fantastic to me! I agree Vince-Ford should drop the terrible new Focus and add a premium trim level to this baby.

  2. I love the way both Verve concepts look, and this is clearly based on the just released Mazda 2 sedan, so besides a few minor details changed this is our Fiesta. To Ford kill the Focus and bring this and the 3 door STAT!

  3. It’s funny, when I saw the Mazda2 sedan first, I thought, “That looks like the rear of a Euro Ford.” Now I know why.

  4. Yeah the Mazda2 seems based on a Ford and not the other way around. I love this Verve/Fiesta sedan and i also like how they gave it a more Iosis rear, this looks even better than the larger Mondeo and makes the US Focus look even crappier

  5. Ok peoples…
    The mazda 2 and new verve share the same basic platform and hardpoints.
    They don’t share any styling, at all and were not styled together.

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