Genesis Coupe Concept Video

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Not sure if the driving car is the actual production model.
It would seem so, with all the camouflage on it…

Looking good….

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  1. Wow. That presentation was really clever in execution. And if that car looks even remotely like the production version, I think we will be witnessing the second coming of Hyundai. Seems like they are doing a complete transformation on an already solid and growing company.

  2. Saw this at the LA car show and it definately will be filling a void in cheap rwd cars in the mid-20’s. There simply isn’t anything out there right now in that niche. I just hope it’s not just hype.

  3. WoW….I am amazed…..the Hyundai symbol seems so out of place on a machine that looks and SOUNDS like…THIS! Looks like Hyundai re-released the Supra before Toyota!

    This will seriously make a dent in Chall-mero-stang sales!!!

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