GT-R Price L.A Auto Show

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It will be on sale for $69 850 in the US next June.
Or $71 900 for the Premium model.

Powered by a 3.8 Liter Turbo with 473 hp.

In real life, I found the car looking very, very busy. It’s impressive in a rather cheap way.
But maybe that’s the point. A super car for the video game generation…

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  1. Tough call. I really find this car boring and very busy. Like Vince said, a car for the video game generation.

    But then you throw a price tag of $70k, and it really makes no sense.

  2. This is to the people that can afford this car, not the boring sheep, commoners that drive toyotas and hondas. You will enjoy everything this gem has to offer at a level never experienced before, unless your stable includes a porsche or ferrari. the commoners that buy toyotas are losers because they buy cars that have a very low quality, and very high recall quotient. Nissan buyers expect and get more, always have, always will.

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