Honda FCX Clarity L.A Auto Show

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Quick facts:
-Fuel cell with 270 miles range
-$600 a month lease only. For 36 months.That includes insurance.
-California only for the 1st year
-Works with charging stations already in place in California.

It looks really nice. But not quite as cool as the concept from last year.
They made it look more like a VW now. The side rear window profile and the new chrome front end spell the beans about Honda’s “VW complex”…

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  1. I don’t believe this can happen that fast. Looks like Honda has a breakthrough at hands, but history said, Toyota will steal the idea and repackage it, and then outcompete Honda in sales and profit.

  2. It looks like honda is running out of ideas….the FCX Clarity looks like a VW and the 2008 Accord looks like a BMW…

  3. Looks like a fat, bloated Civic with a VW front end. This should have been the new Accord. Still ugly, but in a different sort of way.

  4. Absolutely POINTLESS! Honda should have thought the design through. I don’t want to buy a hybrid or whatever global warming gimmick it is based on looks; I want it for the function. They should have just put the technology into the Accord instead: stand out from the Prius instead of trying to look similar to it(weird proportions).

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