Hyundai Genesis Coupe concept L.A Auto Show

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We’ve seen the real thing a few days ago all over the internet, so no surprises here.
it does look quite big in person.

The big news:
No V8!

Instead a 2.0 Liter Turbo with over 200hp to start. And a 300hp V6 on top…

Comes out for the New York Auto Show and on sale early 2009.

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  1. From my dealership, late this PM(EST)…. when I made an appt for brake pads/rotors work on Sonata, the guy who has been there 5 years told me, between this, and what little info they got from the dealership/boss…
    This should be 30K msrp, or around there, fully loaded, but expect a more modest version from 22-26K(I-4 to V6).
    Also, the Tiburon is not going away( they might keep the name)… there will Still be a FWD version, just will not look remotely anything like the last 3 generations.
    This Genesis coupe will be RWD,and the “new” Tib a FWD, and both be Separate platforms..

    Hmmm… wonder if we will get the Veloster, or somethng like that FWD coupe concept from Kia earlier this year(forgot the name of it…that’s not good…memory’s going)….
    think that might be the platform for Hyundai/Kia (09-10) sporty, FWD car… and the I-4 may also be turboed. Kia Kee? Was that the concept?
    Make it a 5 speed auto-manual, 180-200HP(FWD small coupe/hatch)…Tibby… maybe 30 MPG(it is rumored to be smaller than current tib)…I’ll look.

    This RWD Coupe looks decent. Better than Eclipse. Probably more fun, for less money.

    PS: Vince, you hear anything at the show about the FWD Tib replacement?

  2. Vince, Last I read over at Edmunds and Left Lane is that the 2.0 Liter Turbo would be tuned to 214hp and the V6 320 hp.

    But since the reported scheduled launch date is mid 2009, we may see an extra bump in horses or torque.

    Yes, about the V8, John Krafcick, Hyundai’s VP of Corporate Planning, stated that although there are no plans for it in the coupe, he didn’t rule it out either, he did say “…the Tau V8 is not presently planned for use in the Genesis Coupe”. Meaning that if sales and demand exceeds expectations, Hyundai could drop in a V8.


  3. Michael said…
    Hyundai is finally ready to play!
    Not quite yet, to me, anyhway…..why?
    They have this new sports car , which is fine… But , a small fwd sporty Hybrid car, to compete against the upcoming CR-Z…would really be nice, and better on my wallet, at the gas pump, and MSRP-wise, I bet.

  4. Sick looking car. Hyundai is a carmaker on the move. They deserve some respect for bringing out such a cool car. I’m sure it will be out at Hyundai prices as well.

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