Hyundai Genesis Coupe/Tiburon

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Not sure what they’ll end up calling it.
But we can finally see what it looks like. And I think it looks really good.
Except for that tiny. almost useless sunroof ala Infiniti/Nissan.

Based on the RWD Genesis sedan, the coupe will also use V6 and V8 engines.

This should be quite a competition for the Mustang in the US.

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  1. As far as I know, I never got an Email with this picture. I got it somewhere else.
    But again, I do not check my Email every day…

    Why don’t you sign your real name if you want a thank you note?

  2. WoW….at this rate they are going to have to slot something UNDER this….unless they come out with a GT version of the Accent Hatch…

    I wonder what the price range will be….because it the base model starts under 20,000 Hyundai is going to make a killing…because most of the Camero/Challenger customers will just be fanboys.

  3. If that thing is any good it might be my next car. If they can get a rwd high performance coupe to market for the low 20’s I would be really interested.

  4. That side rear window looks abnormal. I don’t like it at all. The Mustang doesn’t have anything to worry about.

  5. Overall I like it but I agree about the rear window. It needs to flow up along the angle of the front window, not droop down like it does.

  6. I see too much of other cars here to see anything else, I was hoping for better, but then again, this is Korean design at its best. Maybe better closer pics including interior shots will help..

  7. What is this thing with sunroofs? It’s a standard size sunroof…looks pretty normal to me. How big are they supposed to be? Remember it has to slide back into the roof plus the roof structured can’t be compromised….

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