Hyundai Genesis Interior

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  1. Not a big fan of that droopy bulbous center stack dash extrusion a lot of automakers have going on these days, but really it is not too bad in this application. Overall – including the “derivative” exterior – this car is shaping up nicely, but unless it drives extremely well I’d probably look more at a Pontiac G8 in this range. The Genesis is looking to be compared to LS’s and BMW 7’s, I think, and I personally associate LS’s and 7-series with elderly people who need boring status symbols to go get their meds each day. Still, if I absolutely needed something that looked like a LS or 7 series, you better believe I’d give this and the $40k I’d save a good look. There is no “dealership experience” in the world that is worth 40 large, and in the end it is just 4 wheels and some metal and petroleum. Anyone trying to temporarily appease their inferiority complex with a status symbol whip has some messed up priorities.

  2. vince what happened to your site, before recently, you could read comments on a full page and now it doesn’t work that way, hard to read

  3. Actually that’s not wood. That surface on that pic was leather. BH in Korea can have a 2 tone leather interior. America will get a padded dash as well. Hope this helps.

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