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naked in the streets.
A little bit of everything here. But what’s new.
Quite a bit different from last year’s concept too.

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  1. From these angles… thumbs up. They should refresh the Azera by giving it a sharper back like this

  2. This is the new RWD? It looks excellent, reminds of the BMW 3, Lexus LS and Nissan Teana. If it had some good rims, this would be an excellent car. It looks a lot better than I expected. -RPM

  3. Toyota should be very worried. A quality Lexus LS460 knock off at half the price and twice the warranty! The only Hyundai needs now is a luxury brand to eliminate the snob factor.

  4. i wish they would have left the back alone after the concept now it looks too much like a 5 series from the back

  5. well this looks nothing like a bmw rear at all !! and the point of having this and the azera is front wheel drive for the snowy climates rear wheel drive for the southern states !! Now what is the point of the avenger and the charger ? they both look identical from 250 feet ! one is alittle bigger and front versus rear depending on the climate.. thats what ..

  6. This is bigger than the Azera and is going to be even more luxurious. This car will skyrocket the brand by outperforming Lexus and BMW, while being priced lower.

  7. although this car looks like it’s pieced together from numerous luxury cars, it looks pretty damn amazing, it has a generic-luxury car look to it, which means it’s gonna steal a lot of buyers from that market, also will attract buyer shopping for avalon/maxima & top of the line camry/accord.

    it’s bout damn time some non-luxury car maker start making some RWD cars, instead of badge engineer pre-existing RWD car as luxury car and charge us extra $15,000 just cuz it’s RWD

  8. I like the shape and lines on this car. It seems to blend together very well. It also has a very upscale and polished look to it.

    If this is the new Hyundai luxury sedan it is looking a lot better than I expected. What they need to do now is to create a 2nd luxury brand channel and they will sell.


  9. Let’s get real here guys. This car will no doubt be fantastic, but is it going to OUTPERFORM BMW or Lexus? No.


  10. Climate based cars? ….nah.

    I don’t understand why people think rwd can’t handle at all in the north. My mother drove her ’88 Mazda 929 without a problem. My parents bought the car in Connecticut by the way….

    When we lived in Virginia for a bit, during the blizzard of ’96, they put a bag or two of kitty litter in the trunk and she was all set to go! But we are now in the age of Traction Control and ESP, so I’m sure this car would be just as great anywhere fwd cars are sold!

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