Hyundai i10

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The smallest Hyundai will stay away from US roads.
Thank God!

This thing looks cheap and ugly. I don’t know why anyone in Europe would pick this over a small Toyota Aygo or anything else for that matter.

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with this car. Narrow to fit down European city streets. Affordable for the masses. Space for you and three friends plus a bit of cargo.

    Sounds like what most people need on a daily basis. Even fat-ass Americans.

  2. It’s not a particularly beautiful car, but it looks much better than the current Hyundai Atos, and it will be much cheaper than an Aygo, so that’s why people will buy it. BTW, that front bears a passing resemblance to the Mazda 2

  3. Not much different to the Hyundai Amica they have in europe…probably the replacement….along the same lines as the Kia Picanto….

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