Hyundai VS Mustang

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The new coupe looks really good.

I guess they do see the Mustang as the main target.

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  1. its obvous the koreands cannot compete with america to make a good looking sport car

    look like the old ugly duking story next to the beutiful mustang for d has nothing to be afraid of

  2. The Mustang is a handsome car, but it’s image is redneck/white trash. The Hyundai is more modern and youthful looking, but Hyundais don’t really have much of an image to speak of.


  3. I think it looks quite nice. I would have thought to compare it to a Mitsubishi Eclipse, but if it has rear wheel drive, Hyundai knows what they are doing. Kudos. But I would still take the Mustang any day!

  4. Douchebag, what does this mean?

    Some Koreans know how to spell using the
    English vernacular. illiterate fools like you make
    foreigners thrive in the country.

  5. I like the looks of the Mustang but it is far too heavy. If the Hundai can fix this I think Ford should start to worry. However, people looking for retro are prabably different from those looking for Korean modern (not a bad thing).

  6. I think both cars look good. If Hyundai succeeds, they’re only going to take the V6 Mustang customers. The V8 customers are a whole different demographic.

  7. The Hyundai coupe combines a bunch of mismatched styling cues from other makes into just another generic, bland and unimaginative Asian design. The Mustang is a way better-looking car.

  8. Nice!!! I think this is one Hyundai that will fit right in with the current tuner crowd… Everyone at once say, “DRIFTER”!!! How well of a drifter it will be is still to be deturmined, but unlike anything else NEW on the market, it will be rear wheel drive.

    – Kern

  9. Agree wih JW, it looks alot like an eclipse. Mustang is getting redone next year I believe, it is definitely time.

  10. Thanks for that anonymous post somewhat above. Someone pointed out that Douchebag Jones statements were full of mistakes and shock foreigners.

    Not being American, I am indeed shocked everytime i read some of Douchebag Jones comments; not because of those spelling mistakes (who am i as a non-native speaker to ask for less mistakes?), but because of the intollerance in his statements.

    Having read Douchbag Jones blog, I am even more concerned. Is this fiction; a fictional character? Is he real?? I know Modesto exists in California, but are people over there really so intollerant? I always thought California was a place for open minded people…

    And I always liked this blog, Vince, but every single entry from DJ keeps me getting less intrested in your blog, Vince. I know your opinion abou him, now it is about to act. You have the power to select, whos comments are published and whose are not.

    Thx in advance!

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