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I was pretty disapointed about this one when I finally saw it.

There are just way too many lines on it. The design is much too complicated. There is just no purity to it.

And that “side wavy line”. When did this start looking good?
Most people hated it on the Solara, now it seems everyone has to have it. The new Matrix has it too.
It just doesn’t work on the Infiniti.

The interior is fantastic. But there is no legroom on the back seat! Most compact cars have more. The new Mini Clubman seems like a limousine compared to the EX.

And it’s not cheap:
-$31 300 for the RWD base model. The AWD Journey model starts at $36 250…

I would really get the new Murano instead of this.
But that’s just me.

I would actually get the Clubman over both.

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  1. The EX is a preemtive strike on the BMW X6. The EX makes sense in that comparo; it doesn’t make much sense by itself.

  2. I saw an EX on the street a few weeks ago. I was surprised at how small and unimpressive it looks. Nothing more than a bloated, overpriced subcompact. There are far better vehicles out there.

  3. the ex will win all comparos because it is a nissan at heart ….only a nissan is a nissan, no one has the high performance heritage brought about by the history of maximas and zeds and trucks that nissan has. no toyota or honda has that kind of pedigree. nissan wins …always has , always will. I’d like to see this challenged by the kings of recalls …or more commonly known as …toyota fans.

  4. have you ever test drove the new C-Class??? it doesn’t even have memmory sets and u just can’t get it with C-Class

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