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I got the chance to seat in the upcoming Ford Flex last week at the Auto Show.

I think it is a very nice and original looking wagon. It just looks like a giant Mini Cooper to me.
And the interior is super roomy.
But I was expecting a bit more inside. I don’t know what. It is nice, but not great.
When you see quality stuff like the new Murano, you’d expect the “not released yet” Flex to be as good. But it’s not.

Maybe it’s the cloth interior or the dark color.
But there are still quite a bit of cheap looking plastics around.

We’ll see when the real thing comes out…

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  1. They had cloth interior at an auto show? What brain trust came up with that idea? It is rare in any vehicle from any manufacturer to have better looking cloth that leather! Shouldn’t you put your best foot foreward?

  2. It seems to be Fords new challenge of late. They’re slowly starting to use better grade materials in their interiors but now the overall design is simply bland.

    Ford seems to be satisfied with making a “good enough” interior. While over at GM they seem hell bent on making the best interiors on the market. That’s one reason I’ve started buying GM products.

  3. While the Flex may be interesting, I’m not sure what the point of it is other than to cannibalize sales from the Edge.

  4. Fords interiors are looking btter and better. Leather is overrated. If you live in Texas the leather is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Most heat warmers only work after you have started the car and already sitting in it an only the most expensive have seat coolers.

  5. I went to the LA auto show and i’m fairly sure that it was leather. Flex is, in my opinion a great car. It looks great in person, especially with that white roof, and even the base model can be optioned up with goodies like navigation with backup camera. Just change the name though, because flex doesn’t suit it, while “fairlane” just does.

  6. Who the hell compares the edge and flex!? one is a five seater and the other is a 7 seater!
    Wake up…

    At least the flex doesn’t look like a typical jap people mover carbon copy, well done Ford for trying something different, mind you people will still winge your not ‘good enough’

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