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I know this isn’t news anymore. But the Auto Show was the 1st time I got to seat in the new Focus.
And let me tell you, the interior looks as bad as in the pictures.

It is a never ending sea of hard and cheap looking plastics almost everywhere. Except on the top of the armrests which are covered in a weird rubberized material. At it looks as cheap as the hard stuff.
The whole interior feels very much like the redesigned Escape.
So now Ford has not one but two horrible interiors.

The center console is an enigma. And the door armrests are……
Well… Just look at the picture…

This is 2007. Ford needs to do something.

On the other hand, I have to say they did a pretty good job at updating the 500/Taurus interior without really changing anything but colors and trims. And the Fusion still looks OK inside.

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  1. Vince, thanks for confirming what I have been saying about Ford’s interiors. This is the same observation that I took away after seeing the MKS at the Miami Auto Show. Too bad because I liked the design but like I have stated it’s in the details, like the interior for example, where cheap schlac lives in abundance that they lose prospective customers.

    Too bad.


  2. Vince, I can’t imagine what ford is thinking putting out a p.o.s. like this when they are a dying company. Ford relies entirely on marketing to move these sh**boxes. No rational, intelligent person would buy this after cross shopping with a civic, corolla, mazda 3 etc.

  3. Thanks, Ford, …for another addition to the “also ran” category. Why not just close your car business and sell Mazda’s at the Ford dealership. Think of what Mazda could do with that kind of backing and you not leeching them to death for capital.

  4. Ford and Tupperware at it again with that cheesy armrest detail pic. Or is it Fisher Price My First Focus?

  5. This interior is crap. I always hated the center stack and the photo of that armrest/door handle is just an engineering and styling marvel. That’s sarcasm Ford. I think Ford in general IS trying, but unfortunately I think Ford is a one man show with Mullaly at the helm and with no support from upper and middle management. This car is a great reminder of how the bean counters run the styling and engineering departments back in the day. Ford management MUST tell is many departments that GOOD PRODUCT is number 1. Number 2, let’s do it as efficiently and affordably as possible. But it must result in a GOOD product that people will actually want to buy over other competitors.

    But what do I know!

    John M.

  6. And another thing…Ford…I know it makes some money for you but you’ve got to stop dumping so much money into the Mustang and start putting money into some of the other vehicles. The Mustang is nice and all, but really, how many versions of it do you need. Mustang alone is’nt going to save your company. You need to…DIVERSIFY…into some of your other products so people will actually want to….BUY THEM!

    John M.

  7. …the armrests which are covered in a weird rubberized material.

    The 2001 Civic had the same nasty rubberized stuff, too.

  8. How does this compare to it’s ‘primary’ competition and not just ‘simple’ exclusive observations!?
    cobalt, corolla, civic etc for interior materials and plastic used.
    So far focus has been recieving good reviews….

  9. Are you insane anonymous? Go to honda website and check out CIVIC, it looks like space age technology compared to that C*R*A*P! Why can’t we get European Focus here (10x better than US POS)?

    Darek F

  10. I just can’t understand this. The first Focus was so well embraced (in spite of its recalls) and it just appears that Ford gave up on the new one. Hopefully this car will flop terribly so that the shelf life of this garish juvenile mess is very short.

    Goddammit, this was a completely wasted effort. There is a perfectly good euro Focus they could have simply offered here. I grew up on Fords and have a very positive image of the brand. But clearly the place is being run by idiots today.

  11. How funny…
    I ask how this compares to it’s primary competion and what answer do i get…
    ‘have a look at the honda website and check the PICTURES out’

    I ask again for the pin heads…
    How does this REALLY compare, as in real life comparison to it’s primary competition!?
    Well it appears many of you will have egg on your face…it appears the focus can stand up against the competition quite well…
    Enough of the keyboard experts!

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