Jaguar XF L.A Auto Show

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I must say the XF does look a bit better in person. The grill eitself is just quite impressive.

And the interior is really a good blend of classy and very modern.
Although a few details like the door window switches just look a bit plasticky.

I hear this will be around $50 000. That is quite a step up from the “old” S Type…

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  1. That’s a Jaguar “XF”, by-the-way.

    It looks fantastic, and I like the way the dash vents seem to be winking at us in picture #2…

  2. This could easily be a Lincoln! The dash looks very familiar, like I’ve seen it in a Crown Vic or a Town Car.

  3. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?! Are you looking at the same interior as me?!!?!?!? Its hideous! It looks like something from the 70’s.

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