Kia Borrego

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Just another pic of the new Kia truck based SUV.

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  1. Burlapp has a great hobby finding car pics, but his taste in web design follows that of Dracula. Those
    yellow and red letters need to go. I think Burlapp
    should use tiny bulbs (animated) to outline each letter
    like the old Hollywood billboards…

  2. “Burlapp” doesn’t like changes…
    So “Burlapp” tries to improve things without changing things too much.
    One thing “Burlapp” hates is going to a familiar site one day, and find it looks “all new”….

  3. Vince your site is too flush to the right. Making it very difficult to read for the vertically challenged.

    Please change back.


  4. Vince… you have the best website ever! as long as you keep putting up great posts, you can make it look however you want. If they don’t like it, tell them to try and find a better Site (good luck!!)

  5. In portuguese “Borrego” means “mouton”. I wouldn’t like to ride a Kia Mouton… And by the way, your blog, wether it’s ugly or not, it’s the best!

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