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Another invisible car…

This could have looked nice next to the Explorer 10 years ago. But now.
It just looks so plain. And it comes out just when people are finally moving away from trucks into car based SUVS.

Good timing. And good luck….

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  1. Almost looks like it could be a Chrysler to me. Anyway, seeing how Camry’s and Accords dominate, I think it’s safe to say that plain and dull sell well, although I agree about the “good luck” part – I like prefer larger vehicles but next time I go to buy mileage is going to play a big role in the decision, and the behemoths don’t get good mileage.

  2. I think it looks pretty good. It looks a little like a new Subaru Tribeca. I’d be curious to see the inside of it and get the specs and price. I would’nt buy it. I’m not in the market for an suv. But you’re right about it being late to the party though. I guess Kia, like Hyundai is trying to be something bigger.

    John M.

  3. The Lexus GX is the obvious bench mark for the design of this big Kia. Looks like a Lexus but priced like a Kia… I think I will be a winner. If the mileage is better than other SUV’s, then I’ll give Kia 2 thumbs up!

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