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In person it looks OK. Like many mentioned, the front is quite striking. But the rest of the car doesn’t look very strong.
Kind of like the Fusion…

The interior is nice but not great either. Some plastics feel a bit cheap, especially on the console. The steering wheel doesn’t look or feel expensive.
The new Murano is much more luxurious inside.

Not sure this will work…

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  1. Why they lift the interior from “Flex” to this car? And the wood trims are Korean quality, not British. I guess Ford only knows how to make foreign luxury cars.

  2. I really like the back of the car and profile.
    I thought the front was a little over the top.
    Also that steering wheel looks to Grandpa-American
    to me…

  3. The LTZ test drive is coming up, sorry.
    I’ve been really busy. I had to rebuild the site. I had problems with it.
    And I’m going back to the show tomorrow, I hear the new Mazda6 will be there. And the new Fusion.
    I sat tin the Flex by the way.
    Not as impressive as I thought.
    So far, GM is improving their interiors much more than Ford.

  4. wow this is really nice, finally here. I still think they should of kept the LS and made this a little bigger but hey its all good. Now only if they could update the Towncar the Lincoln Line up would be pretty fly

  5. Vince, that’s dissappointing to hear that the interior is’nt as good(quality wise) as we all thought or hoped. It’s one thing to ask for a base price of $38k and give you some good stuff, it’s totally another to ask for $38k and give you stuff you would find in a car starting at $24k. Lincoln said that they were going for simplicity in the new interior design. I hope they were’nt using that as an excuse for cheapness. Lincoln has been making cheap gawdy crap for so long, I hope they can tell the difference between simple, clean and sophisticated design, from cheap and low quality. I do still think this is a great looking car in these photos, but seeing it in person is where the truth lies.

    John M.

  6. I am not saying it’s a bad interior. I was just hoping for a bit more.
    it’s just not very special.

    I am sure it’s a good car. And from the profile, the wheelbase looks a bit short.The proportions are not great.
    Besides the front, it just doesn’t look like a “must have”.

    On the other hand, the new CTS has a great stand in person, the proportions on that car are great. The Lincoln might be larger, but it doesn’t seem roomier.
    I would same $5000 and go for the Cadillac myself…

  7. Vince I’m saying the interior is mediocre. I sat in the car at the Miami Auto Show and believe me compared to Caddilac, this was a big let down.

    From the cheap plasticky switches to the cheap looking, feeling plastic fau wood grain…oh yeah where are the door grips? adjustable rear head restraints? I could go on. Oh yeah and that MSRP is totally out of whack for such a weak looking vehicle.


  8. Thanks for clarifying Vince. I am looking forward to seeing this car as it is very good looking in the photos. I’m also looking forward to hearing about the new Mazda 6/Fusion.

    John M.

  9. i haven’t sat in any of the cars, but the interior photos certainly look a lot better than cadillac , etc. Certainly LOOKS a lot better than the ugly murano interior.

  10. I love the design of most of this car. But I want all automakers to hear me loud and clear… I will not consider a car with fake woodgrain. Fake wood and excessive plastichrome is a clear indication that the car is not real luxury. I don’t know if the wood on this car is fake or not, but it sure looks like it is right out of a Crown Vic. If it is fake, I’m disgusted. This car is very stylish with reserved, contemporary style. I really hope they studied closely the benchmark vehicles this time.

  11. the pictures made the interior quality look superb. How are the plastics, buttons, etc? Is it an improvement over current lincolns, Vince?

  12. I went to the Miami Auto Show, sat in this vehicle and came away unimpressed. If anyone wants to say it is an improvement? then fine it’s an improvement over whatever it allegedly replaced.

    It’s quite obvious that Ford did quite a bit of cost cutting to bring this vehicle to market which is inexcusable in my opinion. The interior doesn’t compete well against the Caddy if that was the benchmark.

    I didn’t want to trash this vehicle but it isn’t up to spec for a so-called luxury vehicle with that price tag.


  13. “I don’t know if the wood on this car is fake or not, but it sure looks like it is right out of a Crown Vic.”

    It’s genuine. It comes in ash, ebony or real aluminum. These shots do make it look like it’s right out of a NYC cab, but there are other shots where the interior looks extremely nice.

  14. to anonymous-in-Miami, I believe the car you saw was the MKR… oh, it’s RED too! and to anonymous4:08, THE WOOD IS REAL 🙂

  15. Sorry to disappoint. I looked at both MKR and MKS and neither is impressive. Sorry the truth is hard to swallow. I follow the auto industry quite closely so I know manufacturers and models.

    If you haven’t seen the car then I guess you need to hear it from others who have. At 38k msrp I’d rather get the CTS it is superior!


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